Dec 12

Managing your Bankroll in Sic Bo

Sic Bo, in its bare essence, is a game of chance. No amount of strategizing can change that. There are no patterns, no betting systems that can beat it. The house’s edge remains constant at each game and does not change and probably won’t change even if all the planets align. This is something that you should understand from the get go so that you won’t get any false illusions about striking it rich with Sic Bo.
The best one can really do when confronted with a game of chance is to just play for fun, manage your bankroll well, and hope that the fates are kind to you. The best strategy online casinos in Sic Bo is bankroll management, and there’s little else that a person needs to know about strategies and what not.


Knowing when to walk away

The most important thing you should remember when playing sic bo is that you should always have the strength to walk away when the need arises. You must learn to walk away when you’ve won enough and you must learn to walk away when you’ve lost enough.

This can be a bit troublesome, especially since it’s difficult to tell when enough is enough. Some people can be insatiable when it comes to winning, and can progressively bet more and more until they lose everything – by which time they’ll start chasing their losses out of frustration.

As such, you must have a set marker for how much you can win at online casinos and how you should lose. Winning 10% of your initial bet is already a nice achievement. Losing 10% of it can also be a marker. That way, you’ll always be in control and you’ll never lose more than you can handle.


Pocketing what you can

Here’s a nice technique that some gamblers employ whenever they’re winning. Once they get enough to cover enough of their bankroll, they begin spreading out their money and getting it into the game so that they’ll win even more. What’s good about this is that they’re mostly getting the casino’s money into the more complicated bets and not necessarily their own. They’re also giving themselves a bigger chance to strike it rich with a particularly difficult bet. That way, if they do win, then it’s all good. If they don’t, then they won’t walk home empty handed at least. It’s a good strategy online casinos, and one which will provide the player with quite a bit of entertainment while gambling, a big contrast to flat betting.